980nm diode laser vascular removal machine

Name: 980nm diode laser vascular removal machine 

Model No.: 980

Brand: fqbeauty

Series: 980nm Vascular laser

Information: Vascular removal, Pigment lesions treatment, Benign proliferation

Application of diode laser 980nm:

(1) Spider veins/face veins

(2) Pigment lesions treatment: speckle, age spots, sunburn,pigmentation

(3) Remove red blood: all kinds of telangiectasia, cherry haemangioma etc.

(4) skin protrisions: warts, mole, flat warts, and other skin problems;
(5) pigmented lesions: age spots, sinburn, pigments;
(7) Dental


Technical Parameter

Name 980nm diode laser
Power 1-25W/30W(options)
Pulse width 15-100MS
Frequency 1-5Hz
Mode pulse mode
Net/gross weight 4kg/9kg
Input  AC:96-264V.47-53Hz
Length of fiber 2m
Machine size 350*300*192mm
Packing size 425*407*278mm